As you would suppose just from the name, men’s alligator shoes are of course, shoes that are constructed of alligator hides, which are skins taken from animals for human usage. The use of Alligator skins to make leather for men’s shoes is an excellent because of its durability. Men’s alligator shoes can be a little tough or expensive to obtain because it is quite in demand in the footwear category. To make it even more difficult, until recently alligators were considered by the Fish and Wildlife Service in the United States as an endangered species. Just a couple months back, due to careful controls, the popular reptilian products are now back on the sales rack because the alligator population is now off the list of endangered species and are actually being put on the list of creatures that will be allowed to be hunted with some restrictions.

Alligators have existed in this planet about 20 million years now according to scientists. Alligators, which are very closely related to crocodiles, are also related to the dinosaurs. This is why they have the saw-like teeth and those rough skins that are nearly impenetrable. This is also the same quality that gives alligator hides their rigidness and durability. Alligator hides do not only make great men’s shoes; they also make great belts, belt straps, braces and wallets.

Of the few manufacturers of men’s alligator shoes here are the most recommended men’s alligator shoes manufacturer and some online retailer of men’s alligator shoes:

The David Eden Company is an exotic skin shoe manufacturing company that features a diverse variety of alligator shoes, as well as crocodile, lizard, emu and other animal skin combination. Their vast selection of alligator shoes ranges from plain, conservative colors to higher fashion styles.

Mezlan is another great shoemaker that offers the finest quality shoes from Spain. Their alligator shoes are made for both style and comfort and feature some of the best craftsmanship in high quality exotic shoes.

The International Manufacturing Group Int. is a shoe company that is just beginning to make its mark in the exotic shoe industry. They are known for having very low price on their products.

Regent Shoes is known worldwide for their large selection of top fashion footwear that are worn all over the globe. Regent Shoes offers the best quality footwear with the latest in style and fashion. The company also has a wide array of colors and exotic materials available at a wide range of prices. Regent Shoe’s claim to fame and the staple of their business is their exotic skin shoe department. Regent Shoes has diverse skin combinations, style, colors and sizes. They also have a wide assortment of wide-width footwear.

Alligator shoes can be very expensive but owning even just one pair is like owning a very limited treasure of nature.

Source by Gregg Hall